Launch of the Journal of the Sociology of Law and Religion

The School of Law of the University of Nicosia, in cooperation with the PhD Programme on Human Rights, Society, and Multi-Level Governance offered by the Universities of Padova, Zagreb, Western Sydney, and Nicosia, announces the launch of its new journal, the Journal of the Sociology of Law and Religion (JSLR). The JLSR is peer-reviewed and shall serve as a forum where original research is presented and discussion is shaped. The journal is published in the English language and is available online through an open-access platform. It welcomes original submissions and contributions in topics pertinent to the Sociology of Law and Religion widely defined and is published bi-annually. The Sociology of Law and Religion includes the use of social science materials and approaches to the study of ‘law and religion’, the influence of sociology being either methodological or theoretical. The use of social theory, fieldwork, qualitative and quantitative research, or other tools leading to interdisciplinary, or multidisciplinary approaches amongst the fields of law, religion, and sociology is welcome. The journal aims to present original work, review the legislative, case law, and doctrinal development on law and religion, as well as focus on comparative papers, which would assess law and religion issues through the lens of social sciences.

The Editorial Team of the JSLR consists of Prof. Achilles C. Emilianides (Editor), Prof. Giuseppe Giordan (Co-editor), Dr Konstantinos Papastathis (Associate Editor) and Dr Olga Breskaya (Publications Editor). The Editorial Board consists of (alphabetically) Dr. Odysseas Christou, Prof. Em. Silvio Ferrari, Dr Effie Fokas, Dr Merilin Kiviorg, Prof. Javier Martinez-Torron, Dr Lina Papadopoulou, Prof. Adam Possamai, Prof. Em. James T. Richardson, Prof. Em. Gerhard Robbers, Dr Michal Rynkowski, Prof. Russell Sandberg, Prof. Marco Ventura, and Prof. Siniša Zrinščak.

The JSLR welcomes submissions for its first issue which is expected to be published in September 2022. To learn more about the JSLR you can visit the journal’s webpage by clicking here.

Source: University of Nicosia

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