How should lawyers respond to the threats stemming from kleptocracy, money laundering and professional enablers of economic crime?


Since the post-2014 conflict in Ukraine entered an even more deadly new phase on 24 February 2022, the United Kingdom (‘UK’), the European Union (‘EU’) and the Republic of Cyprus (‘Cyprus’) have further distanced themselves from the Russian Federation (‘Russia’). In addition, each has also adopted austere new laws, policies and plans with the aim or effect of further clamping down on kleptocracy, money laundering and ‘professional enablers’ of economic crime. In turn, these new laws, policies and plans have presented an array of legal, ethical and practical challenges to lawyers, as well as to compliance officers and other professionals, particularly those practising in Cyprus.

On the one hand, every lawyer practising in Cyprus must take appropriate steps to comply with the new laws, to honour the Code of Conduct Regulations and to limit the risk of facing any allegation that they or their law firm have acted as a ‘professional enabler’, a term defined by the UK’s National Crime Agency to describe any individual or organisation that is ‘used to conceal and move criminal assets’, that ‘provide[s] professional services that enable criminality’ and whose ‘behaviour is deliberate, reckless, improper, dishonest and/or negligent through a failure to meet their professional and regulatory obligations.’ (See here)

On the other hand, every lawyer practising in Cyprus must try to limit the risks stemming from the systemically risky domestic politico-legal environment in which they are operating and from other risks emanating from elsewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East, North Africa and the wider world, including the conflicts involving Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Syria and Turkey. This Continuing Professional Development (CPD) webinar will explore these themes with the primary aim of helping lawyers appreciate the nature of the post-2022 challenges and the steps required to address them. Further details are in the Programme below.

TARGET AUDIENCE: The webinar is specifically aimed at practising lawyers, as well as trainee lawyers. However, it should also be of interest to members of the judiciary, law enforcement personnel, AML compliance professionals and law students in Cyprus. The webinar has been designed to satisfy the requirements of those obliged to undergo CPD.

Date: Wednesday 24 January 2024
Language English
Time: 17:00-20:00 Cyprus time Level Intermediate
Venue: Online via Microsoft Teams
(Details will follow after registration)

You can read the webinar’s programme here.

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FEE PER EACH ATTENDEE: 50 euros per attendee
Reduced fee for lawyers registered in Cyprus or another jurisdiction: 40 euros per attendee
Reduced fee for each trainee and UCLan Cyprus alumni: 30 euros per trainee/alumni
Reduced fee for each student: 20 euros per student

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