A. Demetriades: ‘Justice delayed is democracy denied’

Litigation before the Cyprus Courts is notoriously slow.  It is not uncommon to spend five to seven years before the District Court and the same, if not more, on appeal before the Supreme Court.

Cypriot justice has not kept up with technological developments and over the last twenty years, in particular, the problem has become alarming… Clearly, everyone shares the blame.  The judges for adjourning hearings because of limited time.  The lawyers for applying for or accepting adjournments.  The registries that cannot manage the burden of the increased number of cases and the rules of procedure that have not had a major revision since 1960″.

Efforts for reform are underway but I am afraid that unless a modern foundation for e-justice is introduced, the problem will not go away”, the lawyer Achilleas Demetriades says in his article.

Read the article in Cyprus – Mail

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