CCBE: The voice of European Lawyers

Read the newsletter of European Lawyers – Issue #85

The CCBE supports lawyers who, despite the risks, continue to carry their profession and keep fighting for the respect of human rights. A Human Rights Award is granted each year by the CCBE to honour distinguished lawyers or lawyers’ organisations that have demonstrated outstanding commitment and sacrifice in order to uphold fundamental values.

The CCBE also supports threatened lawyers worldwide by sending letters to the national authorities of countries where lawyers are victims of human rights violations. In this context, the CCBE has also developed closed cooperation with key-actors such as the European External Action Service (EEAS), the EU Special representative for Human Rights, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe etc. in order to ensure that the voice of lawyers is heard at European and international levels. Furthermore, the CCBE supports the current work of the Council of Europe on a proposed Convention on the profession of lawyer as a guarantee for the proper administration of justice and the respect of the Rule of Law

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