Inability to Pay

Inability to Pay – UCLan Cyprus Law Blog

By Dr. Andreas P. Poetis, Advocate

The legal profession extends to every act a man can imagine. We need the services of a lawyer when we get married or when we want to make a testament or when somebody dies and there is a conflict as to the succession to his estate by his heirs. We need his services when we make an insurance policy, or a tenancy agreement, either as a landlord or a tenant, or any other agreement in our life, or when we commit a civil wrong or vindicate a plot of land. All these apart to any criminal cases or cases in which there is a conflict between the state, as such, and the citizen, as for instance in administrative law.

On the other hand, economic progress is achieved only if the members of the society do their utmost to earn more profits and get better results in their effort. A good lawyer may give his assistance in all these aspects.

However, the most difficult problems arise not when a relationship is created but when this relationship comes to an end. Hence there are much more and difficult legal problems when a business is collapsed than when it is installed.

Having in mind the above, one must examine in which capacity somebody is acting when his economic collapse finds him.

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