INTERPOL: Impact of COVID-19 on Financial Crimes (Webinar) 🗓

During the COVID-19 crisis, people rely more than ever on computer systems, mobile devices and the Internet to work, communicate, shop, share and receive information. There is evidence that malicious actors are exploiting these vulnerabilities to their own advantage.

Several types of financial fraud schemes connected to the ongoing crisis have been reported by authorities from INTERPOL member countries, including fraud schemes, ransomeware attacks against medical facilities or individuals and others.

The webinar “Impact of COVID-19 on Financial Crimes” provides information to understand Modi Operandi of COVID-19 related financial crimes with introducing transnational cases coordinated by INTERPOL Financial Crimes Unit.

The webinar participants will be able to identify crime typologies of COVID-19 and to know useful tips overcoming difficulties from international investigative cooperation.

Date and time
  • Wednesday, 13 May 2020 | 12:00 AM
  • Dong Uk KIM, Specialised Officer, GLACY+ project, Cybercrime Directorate, INTERPOL
  • Matteo LUCCHETTI, Project Manager, Council of Europe Cybercrime Programme Office (C-PROC)
  • Muhammad IMRAN, Criminal Intelligence Office, INTERPOL Financial Crimes Unit, INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI)
  • Jung Kee YOU, Criminal Intelligence Office, INTERPOL Financial Crimes Unit


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