IMH 2nd Cyprus Legal Conference

The ΙΜΗ organizes the 2nd Cyprus Legal Conference on September 9, 16:00pm. Cyprus Legal Conference is expected to discuss the current status and developments in the Cypriot judicial system and explain what the right moves forward will be following the recent crisis. Professionals on the field, will discuss the succession in business and how to deal with talent management in your business and ensure the right way to attract the desired clientele.

The conference will focus on law firms and legal service providers, and how they are driving innovation among in-house legal teams and legal operations professionals. It will also concentrate on clients’ evolving relationship with a growing range of legal service providers. The conference will also review the current state of the legal industry, in the wake of COVID-19 and the rapid need for digitalization of businesses in order to future-proof them.

Preliminary Thematology

  • The Impact of COVID-19, Preparing for the Year Ahead and Future- Proofing your Firm
  • Force Majeure and Business
  • Innovating Talent Management in Law Firms and the Need for capable Lawyers and future Partners
  • Succession in Law Firms and Legal Businesses: How can clientele be maintained?
  • Mergers and Acquisitions in the Legal Sector
  • Client Expectations – How to Attract More Clients
  • Virtual Entrepreneurship and the Need to Digitalize the Legal Sector after COVID-19

The conference will run online. 

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